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We are a group of pets' lovers. We believe that "Your pet is your life as well", and our and their happiness is depending on each other. We will share the useful and correct information here to help you understand more your pet. Don't let our daily friend(s) be unhappy because you will be as well.
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Is Dog Scratch Reflex Bad?

This scratch reflex is a response of dogs to being scratched. When you rub the dog's belly, it will unknowingly kick its own leg. It is a reflex that is involuntary and it is a way of seeking attention.
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Safety Dog Hair Dye Ideas

This article is all about the different ways to dye your dog's fur. It will help you decide whether it is okay to dye your dog's fur or not. It will also help you decide whether you should try it yourself or not.
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Are Dogs Immune to Tear Gas?

This article is intended to inform you that dogs are actually affected by tear gas and pepper spray as well. It is important to note that dogs are not the only ones who are affected by the irritants. Humans are also affected by the chemical irritants.
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The Worst Cat Scratches

If you have a cat, you’ve probably received a cat scratch. Understand the difference between a cat bite and a scratch, and learn how to avoid getting one.
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How Important is a Cat Tree

This article discusses the benefits of having a cat tree in your home. It also discusses the importance of having a cat tree and the benefits of providing your cat with climbing opportunities.
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How Long Do Cats Go Missing For

This article discusses the best ways to look for your cat when it goes missing. It also discusses how long a cat should be missing before it disappears and how long it can survive without food and water.