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Kangal Dog Vs. Cougar

This article compares the Kangal dog to a cougar in a battle of wills. The Kangal dog is a guard dog that is developed in Kazakhstan to defend its people and agriculture against giant predators. The cougar is a much smaller and more agile dog, but it has the same capabilities as the Kangal dog.
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Caucasian Shepherd Dog Vs. Wolf

This article is about the guard dog, the Caucasian Shepherd Dog. It discusses the characteristics of this particular breed of dog, and it also discusses the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Caucasian Shepherd Dog.
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American Eskimo Dog Vs. Japanese Spitz

American Eskimo dog, Japanese Spitz, and Samoyed are three popular dog breeds. This article is a brief overview of the differences and similarities between the American Eskimo and Japanese Spitz.