Do Dogs Need a Bed?

Your dog, like the wild canids before him—and his human family members, now—needs at least one bed to call his own. Make sure he’s comfortable wherever he likes to sleep with various dog beds around the house, or if you frequently travel, you may want to invest in more dog beds for other locations.

In the same way, puppies feel at home in their cages, older dogs feel at home in their dog beds. It can feel like a second-class citizen to a dog because the rest of the house belongs to the human occupants.

A dog inclines to seek a warm, safe, and soft place to call home. Even in the wild, dogs would rather sleep on their backs than on the ground. Alternatively, they would gather leaves to keep themselves warm or find a soft patch of grass to tamp on.

A good dog bed gives your pet a comfy, supportive, and soft place to sleep. When looking for a new dog bed, consider the various characteristics of making a decent one.

These diseases are more common in older dogs; thus, they should be given an orthopedic dog bed. Cedar chips, for example, can be included in many dog beds to help keep odors under control.

Keeping your dog clean is made easier with a dog bed. Most dog beds have detachable liners or other features that make cleaning them a breeze. With this method, you don’t have to clean all of your home’s furnishings with a hand roller or vacuum.

What Can You Use Instead of a Dog Bed?

Dog beds are necessary if you have multiple dogs or a large dog that would occupy the entire couch or bed while sleeping. In addition to protecting your furniture, dog beds prevent your pets from spreading disease.

  • You may make a dog bed in your own home using some sewing skills. However, even if you choose polyester or cotton, your homemade dog bed will eventually get damaged if your dog is a scratcher or biter.
  • Choosing the proper stuffing for your pet’s homemade dog bed is critical, as you want it to be stylish and comfortable. However, before making a decision, think about things like joint and mobility concerns, the simplicity of cleaning, and your pet’s gnawing or digging habits.
  • A pint-sized nest can be made from a basic wooden crate, whether repurposed or purchased from a DIY store. First, carefully pry the planks from the crate’s long side and sand the rough edges. Then, it’s time to give your dog a cozy place to sleep, so decorate the crate with your dog’s name and a creative design or pattern.
  • It’s time to get rid of that dresser you’ve had for a long time. Get creative and turn it into a dog’s haven! First, cut out the drawers and the dresser’s front frame. The interior should be free of sharp objects, such as nails, screws, or other hardware, as well as plastic or wood fragments.

Can a Dog Sleep in a Crate Without a Bed?

While some dogs enjoy sleeping on the floor, most prefer to be in an environment that provides them with a sense of security, safety, and warmth. It is therefore essential that the dog has a bed in the crate. However, a puppy or dog will not be enticed by an empty crate.

A crate resembles a dog’s den in appearance. Your dog will feel safe and secure in this small, enclosed area. In addition, you can put your dog to sleep when they’re nervous, frightened, or afraid by giving them a place to rest.

If you want to keep your puppy cool and comfortable in the crate, you should pick something basic. Many different types of beds are available for your puppy, so long as you’re convinced they won’t tear it to tears.

Dehydration isn’t a concern because you shouldn’t keep your puppy in their kennels for long periods. However, providing water for an adult dog in a crate while you’re away from home or the office is necessary.

It’s better to get bowls that your puppy can’t knock over or ones attached to the crate in these situations. If your dog has access to water, it will become dehydrated, and you will have to rehydrate them.

How Do I Make a Homemade Dog Bed?

When making a dog bed, look no further than your drawers. Your dog will adore his new bed from an old sweater you upcycled.

  • Rainy day projects like this no-sew dog bed are ideal. An old cushion, some fabric, and scissors are all you’ll need. Easy-to-follow instructions can be found on DIY blogs.
  • Make a dog bed out of scrap wood and spray paint it to match the puppy’s color. In addition to the painting, she added exciting embellishments from the craft store and a cozy pillow.
  • Look for vintage dresser drawers at a neighborhood thrift store or garage sale. It’s as simple as painting your old drawers white and sprinkling some pillows on top—a selection of adorably decorated dog beds.
  • This puppy princess-themed dog bed is a beautiful way to show your pet how much you care. Unfortunately, even though the frame for this do-it-yourself dog bed is white, you could stain it.
  • Your dog could benefit from a quilted bed in the comfort of their own home. Using an old quilt he found at a yard sale, the designer sliced it in half, stitched the ends together, and then stuffed it.
  • What to do with an old suitcase? Make a dog bed! Covering the cushion should be done in a fabric that complements the style of your home. To learn how to turn a suitcase into a dog bed, search YouTube for tutorials and photographs.
  • Make a dog house or bed out of a wine or whiskey barrel by sanding and painting it. To cut the barrel, you’ll need a jigsaw. If you’re looking for ideas, check out a few other pet blogs.
  • For this project, you’ll need PVC pipe and fittings, cloth, and a cordless drill. This design would make an excellent pet bed for your deck or patio, keeping your pet calm and comfortable as you entertain guests.
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