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Does Having A Dog Keep Coyotes Away?

Coyotes are mammals belonging to the canid family and the genus Canis; because they belong to the same family and the same genus, some characteristics such as size, habits, and food are similar. It’s no wonder that many people end up adopting coyotes thinking they are dogs because of their similarities. As they are wild animals, they bring some risks to the population. With the advancement of cities in the natural environment of coyotes, more and more coyotes are seen invading properties and residences.

Coyotes usually do not approach humans. They are “shy” animals and do not see humans as a source of food, but urban waste is attractive, as the trash is a source of food and water, and the biggest problem is that coyotes are vectors of rabies disease.

Rabies is a zoonosis, a disease transmitted between animals and humans through a virus. Rabies is extremely dangerous and often lethal, transmitted by the bite of an infected. Symptoms include fever, headache, excessive salivation, muscle spasms, paralysis, and mental confusion. That’s why keeping coyotes away from urban areas is so important. Have you ever been through this problem and thought that a dog could be the solution? Were you right in that decision? Check it out below.

Does Having A Dog Keep Coyotes Away?

Dogs cannot naturally fend off coyotes and must be trained to do so. The training can be done by a trained professional, or you can do it. If you are curious about dog training, read this article: “Ideas for group dog training classes.”

Not all dogs are suitable to be trained for warding off coyotes; small dogs, such as Yorkshires, are not recommended, for obvious reasons, right? Although a Yorkshire Terrier in 2021 attacked a coyote to save his owner in Canada, this brave fellow was left very weak, severely injured, and had surgery.

For this type of task, large dogs, such as herding dogs, are more recommended due to their characteristics and robustness.

Do Barking Dogs Scare Coyotes?

Barking dogs can scare coyotes, but this will depend on both the dog and the coyote. Dog barking is a great way to let us know something different is happening in our neighborhood. In this way, it is interesting to have guard dogs so that they alert you that something is happening. But, don’t encourage your dog to confront other animals physically because, in addition to getting hurt in the fight, wild animals are vectors of diseases and parasites, and your dog can be very debilitated when contracting them. To prevent your dog from getting fleas or ticks from wild animals, use preventive medications such as vaccines, deworming, anti-flea, and ticks according to your MV’s guidance.      

Which Dogs Are Better Against Coyotes?

Large-breed dogs are the best option for you to keep coyotes away. However, remember not to physically encourage your dog to confront a coyote and avoid injury and disease. Confirms some of the best guard breeds:

  • The German Shepherd is an excellent guard dog. It is a large breed, weighing up to 99lb, making a potential intruder think twice. But what makes him one of the best guard dog breeds is his territorial personality, which makes him a very protective dog.
  • The rottweiler is a large, robust, and muscular dog. Its size scares anyone. Many mistakenly believe that it is a highly aggressive breed. And while he can get quite violent when he feels the need to attack, he is a very loyal and reliable dog with proper training and training.
  • The Australian Cattle Dog is relatively light and agile. And in addition to being very courageous and obedient, they are intelligent and very independent. As it is widely used in livestock surveillance, the Australian Cattle Dog is an excellent option for those who want to have their property well guarded.
  • Cane Corso already qualifies him to be an excellent guard dog. But it’s not just the size that makes it a good option. The breed is quite intelligent and highly trainable. That is why it is used for hunting large animals and grazing. In addition, he is also a companion and loyal, being a great protector of the family.
  • The pit bull is known as one of the most aggressive breeds in the world. And if it is not correctly trained and is mistreated, the breed will show unruly and violent behavior. But if handled properly, the pit bull has a very kind, loyal, companion, and protective personality. However, its territorialism, powerful bite, and muscular build make it an excellent guard dog.
  • The Canary Dogo is considered the best guard dog in the world, as it has a series of characteristics that make it an excellent option for those who want a private security guard at home. The breed is strong, territorial, confident, and muscular, with a large mouth and a powerful bite. But as this breed has an intense personality, it is recommended to receive obedience training early so its owner can establish leadership.

What’s The Best Way To Keep Coyotes Away?

In addition to using trained dogs to ward off coyotes, you can use other tricks to get rid of them. Check out the tips:

  • Get rid of your backyard litter: Coyotes can be attracted to waste, making a good backyard cleaning a very efficient solution. Feed your pets indoors and ensure the food is never left outside. It is also essential to seal the garbage cans.
  • Fence your property: the fence will make the path more difficult for the coyote to pass.
  • Spray ammonia around the property: coyotes are animals with a keen sense of smell; ammonia has a strong smell that will keep them away.
  • Use light or sound: You can use poles with lights around your property or stereos to scare them.
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