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Dog Leash Storage Ideas

How Can I Organize My Dog’s Stuff?

Many people take care of their dogs as if they were a child, so there has been an increase in sales of collars of different colors and formats, clothes, beds, toys, and other products. Do you own a lot of objects and have no idea how to organize them? To keep these items from getting in the way of your home organization, leaving a messy and dirty look, use some clever storage ideas for collars, leashes, and other canine objects. It will help you organize pet supplies conveniently and discreetly. Pay attention to the tips.

How Do You Store A Dog Collar?

There are several types of dog collars, and there are options of the most varied sizes and materials for animals of all sizes to walk on the street safely and comfortably. They are available in many models, such as breastplates, halters, and others.

With so much variety, even prints, it’s hard to choose just one. Well, you certainly have different collars and leashes. To organize them, you can create a mini closet and leave it next to the door. In this way, the organization makes it easier for you to go out.

How Do You Organize A Dog Collar And Leash?

It’s ideal to use a collar holder, similar to a key holder, to store the collars and leashes. It is always good to have them in a visible place, close to the entrance door and where they are out of reach of the furry ones. You can buy or make them, and the most common models are the displays found in pet shops. To make them at home at a low cost, you will need a few materials, and you can use creativity; you can even use recyclable materials and help the environment.

How to make a collar holder

  • Choose the material you will use. I prefer to use wood
  • Buy a piece of softwood about 9″. If you are going to use it to store more dog items, calculate 8″ space for each dog’s things.
  • Buy one hook for each leash/collar and two triangle holders (the same one used to hold pictures) to fix the leash holder to the wall.
  • Sand the wood surface so that it is smooth and lint-free
  • With a drill, drill a hole for each hook and in the back for the triangles.
  • If you want, you can unleash your creativity by painting and making drawings to decorate your leash holder and wait for it to dry.
  • Attach the triangles to secure the leash holder to the wall
  • Screw the hooks to hang the collars on the front of the piece of wood
  • Put your dog’s utensils and leave everything organized.

How To Organize A Dog Corner?

We love having our space, but dogs also want a corner to call their own. The dog must have a place where it can feel safe to rest, have its things and make its “mess.” Set aside a place where he can feel safe but not 100% isolated from social life. Although they like to have their space, dogs are very sociable animals and love to have their owners within reach of their eyes.

How Can I Organize My Dogs’ Things?

It’s almost impossible to resist the toys and clothes for our pets available in markets and pet shops, but here comes that question: where to store everything? No leaving them scattered all over the house! For better organization, check out these tips:

  • Choose a place that is easily accessible and has space for everything to be organized in one place.
  • If you prefer, separate space in each room with the dog’s things but according to the activity, for example, shampoos in the bathroom, the collar on the leash holder, snacks, and food in the kitchen.
  • Organize all utensils by category (food, medicine, toys, bath, clothes, walking, documents), leaving more common objects such as food and toys more visible.
  • Use clear boxes to separate the categories so they are visible without opening them or labeling them boxes.
  • Make a box for medicine and health: if your dog uses any medication continuously or you have some first-aid treatment at home, such as activated charcoal and probiotics, keep them in an organizing box along with the vaccination card. Remember to always check the expiry date before using. And remember to keep it out of your dog’s reach to avoid accidents.
  • Organizer boxes for toys: Keeping toys organized inside organizer boxes will make handling easier and avoid unnecessary mess. Provide the toy during recreation hours, then collect them in the boxes. Use materials that are not toxic or dangerous, as the dog may want to play with the toy box.
  • Mini closet for clothes and blankets: in cold places, it is vital to use clothes and blankets, especially at night. Keep the clothes in order of use. The clothes you wear most often on your furry friend should be kept more “in sight.” Always wash them before storing them in the closet to prevent them from having a foul smell and lasting less. Remember to wash your dog’s utensils with neutral and unscented products to avoid allergies.
  • Feed holders: Use the feed dispensers to facilitate the routine, but remember that the best place to store dog food is in its original packaging, made with food conservation technology. Therefore, keep the food with the packaging inside the feed holder. In this way, in addition to facilitating the routine, you will be storing the food correctly and ensuring the ideal conservation of the food. After serving meals, close the package tightly and do not leave the food available all day for the dog, as it loses nutrients when in contact with oxygen and lighting.
  • For more tips on creating a comfortable dog den, see the article “dog den ideas.”
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