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Dog Youtube Channel Ideas

Youtube is a video platform used worldwide for entertainment, but have you ever stopped to think that you can also make money producing informative content in video format? Producing content on the internet can be a good deal if you know how to create an attractive, dynamic channel that arouses the interest of your audience.

If you are passionate about pets, you have watched a video on the platform of cute animals or making mischief, and you must have watched videos with informative content about pet care. Creating content on the internet has become a trend in recent years, and you can become a pet content creator.

How Do I Start A Youtube Channel For My Dog?

It may seem not very easy, but starting a dog youtube channel is very simple. You will need a charismatic dog, a video camera with good-quality audio and video, and a computer to edit and post the videos on the platform. Still, the content must have originality, creativity, and charisma. These are the most important pillars of attracting the public.

If you’re looking for more homemade content without much editing, bet on short video channels with recordings of your dogs’ antics. If you want to create informative content, know it will take time and dedication.

What Are Some Good Ideas For A Youtube Channel?

Within the pet niche, there are several possibilities, and you have to choose one that best fits your routine and that you feel good creating content. Check out some ideas:

  • Funny: you can use videos already available on the internet, as long as they are copyright free. Just make a compilation of funny and cute videos.
  • Curiosities: in these videos, you can abuse the creativity of the video and narrate some curiosities involving dogs.
  • Newsletters: They aim to inform and facilitate the life of dog owners, solving the significant doubts involving the health, feeding, and behavior of dogs.
  • Soothing: the videos are made exclusively for dogs to watch. They are made to instigate the dogs’ hearing and vision and keep them entertained.

The most popular channel in the pet niche is “Maymo,” created in 2006, with 11.4 million subscribers engaged in video content made with a Beagle dog. The videos are scripted, putting the dog Maymo in several fun situations; viewers watch with curiosity to know what Maymo does in some instances, like standing in front of several balloon tigers.

Is There A Youtube Channel For Dogs?

Just as the platform provides entertainment for humans, it is also capable of entertaining our furry friends. Only those who have a dog and have to leave it alone for a few hours a day know how challenging it is to keep them busy during these times. In this sense, several YouTube channels were created for dogs, with thought-provoking videos and audio that keep the animals entertained for a long time.

The “dogTV” channel is a good example, and they have a playlist of videos to keep pets calm to reduce anxiety through visual and auditory stimuli. There are also channel options that only seek to stimulate dogs through music and “contact” with nature, such as the “Relax my dog” and “Paul Dinning” channels.

Check out the five steps to make a video for YouTube:

  1. Choose your video content: the first thing to do is decide on the material to be published. Of course, you can shoot randomly or spontaneously on humorous or fun ideas content, but it’s not always a good option. Think about the duration of the video and which audience it will be aimed at, among other questions that will be valid to prepare the script for this material.
  2. Separate your equipment: you probably don’t intend to do something as elaborate as the big-name producers do. Nowadays, a simple smartphone or webcam can be a great ally for making an efficient video. But if you have more sophisticated microphones, professional light sources, and high-quality cameras, be sure to use them.
  3. Record your video: once you’ve scripted your lines and shots, it’s time to record your content. At that time, bet on your knowledge and let go. Speak eloquently and try to articulate the words well to be understood clearly. Try to cover all the pieces of content you planned for that video. It’s also worth recording more takes than you think you’ll use to have backup scenes and choose the one that looks best.
  4. Edit your content: There are several paid and free software to make audio and video edits on your computer. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece, but you can improve lighting, images, and contrast, clean up the audio and match the sound well with the shooting progress, adding a soundtrack or special effects if you want. Perform any edits you deem necessary or desirable for your video, and then save your result in an extension that is exportable to YouTube: .mov, .mpeg, .avi, .wmv, .flv, .webm or .3gpp, for example.
  5. Upload your video to YouTube: uploading the video is the easiest part of the whole process. Let’s understand how it works! If you don’t already have a YouTube account, you need to create one. Fill in your information and your email. Don’t worry; you can change the channel’s business name later. Write about your business and what kind of content your audience will receive when subscribing, upload your profile and cover photos and now choose your channel name—additional information. After uploading, enter your material’s basic information (title, category, description, tags, thumbnail) and save your changes when you’re done. Try to keep your tags short and closely related to the video content. They will be the keywords that will help your target audience to find your material more quickly in internet search engines.
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