How Do I Fix My Dog’s Toys?

For those who have puppies or dogs with a lot of energy, it is common to find toys destroyed around the house. Dogs don’t do this because they don’t like the toy, don’t worry. They just liked it so much that they accidentally destroyed it unintentionally with so much excitement when playing. Were you tired of buying new toys you already know will be destroyed? Your problems are over. In this article, you will learn how to fix dog toys.

How Do You Fix A Stuffed Dog?

Stuffed dogs are the champions for destruction, aren’t they? Fix it is very simple. You will need felt or cotton, thread, and a needle.

  1. Place an amount of felt or cotton inside the plush dog, so the toy is fluffy.
  2. Join the torn ends
  3. With the help of the needle and thread, make a knot in the first stitch and the last stitch. Remember to reinforce the seam well.

Extra Tip: the thickness of the needle varies according to the resistance of the toy’s fabric. Choose thinner needles when the toy is small.

How Do You Hand Sew A Dog’s Toys?

Sewing a toy for dogs is very simple. You will need thread and needles.

How Do You Fix A Broken Rubber Dog Toy?

Rubber toys are usually sturdier, but they’re not dog-proof. To repair this type of toy, keep in mind that it is necessary to use a non-toxic product that does not cause any harm to the dog’s health.

  1. Buy non-toxic rubber glue
  2. Apply the glue to the edges that have been gnawed. You don’t need to apply a significant amount.
  3. Bring the edges together and press briefly.
  4. Wait 24 hours before offering to your dog.

How Do You Refresh A Dog Toy?

When a dog is always with the same toy, it often loses interest and becomes bored, and even this can be a factor that triggers the destruction of the toy. To not let your dog get bored, invest in renovating its toys, but it doesn’t have to be with new toys. You can reuse the toys that your dog already has and increase them.

There are several psychological benefits for dogs when there is news in the environment, such as decreased anxiety and the development of cognition. This novelty can be done with renewed toys. Have you ever thought about this possibility?

To renew toys, use your imagination, and always remember to use new safe products for dogs. To make your life easier, let’s give an example: your dog has a tennis ball, but he is bored and doesn’t want to play with it anymore, you can renew it using ropes, for that buy thick ropes, tie around the ball and Leave a big end so your dog can hold it in his mouth. See how simple it is? You can transform a previously left-aside toy into something fascinating with just one rope.

Ideas For Making Homemade Dog Toys

  • Sticker Ball

    This option is perfect for small dogs. The big ones will destroy it in seconds. Besides, it’s not good for your dog to ingest or stick with the stickers, so you have to make a giant ball that doesn’t fit in the mouth. Another option can be to cover it with fabric or fine wool.

    If you have some stickers stored, for example, those that come in albums or notebooks, try to make a large ball (about the size of a tennis ball) as compact as possible so that it gains a little weight, and you will have fun watching your pet dragging it around the house.

  • A Fabric-Covered Plastic Tube Is A Practical Option For Homemade Dog Toys

    Use a piece of a long line, fill it with polka dots and cover it with fabric or a thick sock; make sure you sew the edges well so the polka dots don’t escape and put the toy to spin. You’ll see how your dog starts playing with it right away.

  • Surprise Box

    If your dog isn’t a paper eater, you can wrap food seeds in pieces of newspaper and put them in a box along with other parts of paper that don’t have any.

    Let your dog entertain himself by unwrapping the paper; it will have a lot of fun.

Prior Recommendations For Making Homemade Toys

Before starting to make homemade toys for dogs, the first thing to do is to know the characteristics that these toys will have to minimize the risks that the dog may suffer some accident or poisoning and ensure that, effectively, it is something he enjoys:

  1. The toy cannot be broken or unraveled. When creating toys for them, you should select sturdy materials or choose ones you know your dog won’t ingest (paper, cardboard, plastic, etc.).
    If a piece of the toy comes off when used by the dog, it can result in cuts, death from suffocation, or intestinal obstruction.
  2. Make sure that all edges are smooth and without cracks. It will avoid cuts. For example, many people give plastic bottles to dogs to play with, but when they play with them for a long time, they often give in because of the strength of their teeth, which can cause sores on their cheeks and gums.
  3. Use materials that are not toxic.
  4. Adjust the toy to the animal’s size, mainly so that he cannot swallow it.
  5. Try, as far as possible, to develop games that are easy for your dog and align with his abilities to avoid frustration.
  6. The homemade toys for dogs that we create can frighten them or excite them excessively. So, you must pay attention to your dog’s reactions (especially if it is nervous in the face of noise), and, in case it happens, as we mentioned, you should look for an option that doesn’t make your dog afraid.
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