How Do I Get My Dog To Shake His Body?

Why Does A Dog Shake Its Body?

The act of shaking is instinctive. Dogs usually shake to remove something that bothers them, such as parasites and water, and also when something bothers their ears, often otitis or excess dirt.

Dogs can also get anxious or go through stressful situations, in which cases they instinctively shake themselves to “release” the accumulated stress. Some conditions can stress your dog: going to the vet, moving house, problems with separation anxiety, and heavy rains, among others. At these times, the body releases some hormonal substances, such as adrenaline and cortisol, hormones known as stressors. Therefore, the dog tends to shake a lot to vent the energies accumulated at that moment.

Water accumulating in the fur can also trigger flicking behavior. You have bathed your dog and soon after saw your dog shake, right? Some studies estimate that when dogs get wet, 70% of the water in their fur is eliminated when they shake.

Another reason dogs shake themselves often is pain caused by some inflammation or infection, especially in the ear region. Therefore, if you notice that your dog is frequently rattling, look for a veterinary doctor for evaluation.

Why Do Dogs Struggle To Shake?

Shaking is a natural and spontaneous behavior of dogs and a funny moment. It’s not that complicated to know why dogs shake. However, you should be aware of the frequency of this behavior. If the dog shakes its head a lot instead of shaking its whole body, other causes could be involved. In this case, he moves because of discomfort in the ears.

It means some discomfort is due to pain, inflammation, infection, or even some dirt in the place. Thus, it is necessary to investigate to find out why the dog shakes its head

Can Dogs Shake For Other Reasons?

Yes, in addition to the reasons mentioned above, some other reasons are observed less frequently. But you should be aware that the observed tremors are not the same as the rumble we usually see.

  • Poisoning: some plants and foods are highly toxic for dogs. In these cases, one of the main symptoms is shaking.
  • Low Glucose: low blood sugar can cause the dog to tremble.
  • Diseases: some diseases may present a clinical sign of shaking.
  • Age: older dogs may shake more than usual
  • Generalized Tremor Syndrome: the causes are still unknown. Only a veterinarian can make the diagnosis.
  • Convulsions: happen infrequently, but the dogs tremble violently in these cases.
  • Excitement: often, dogs tremble with happiness, especially when they see their owners after a certain period away.

Is It Hard To Teach A Dog To Shake?

It would be interesting to teach dogs to shake themselves on many occasions. For example, after taking your dog to a beach, it decided to go into the sea. It would be much easier if it shook himself several times until he no longer drips, right?

The ideal would be to train him, but there is no specific training for this. If you want to train your dog to do this movement, you must train him the same way you teach other commands. If you want to learn how to train dogs, read this article, “ideas for group dog training classes”.

What To Do If The Dog Is Shaking A Lot?

Now that you’ve seen the possible causes of why dogs shake, you need to understand to what extent this is normal. That is when your dog goes beyond the limit of everyday behavior. Something is wrong if you’ve noticed that your dog is shaking a lot, whether in the head region or all over his body. In these cases, it is not excess water, as it is already dry. The other causes are more likely to happen. Seek the help of a veterinarian to have your dog checked up. You should be aware and do even faster when the dog shakes its head several times. After all, something in the pet’s ears is not going well. If he moves his entire body frequently, the vet should investigate the flea infestation. If confirmed, an anti-flea must be indicated, and the tutor must follow the treatment to the letter. In the case of stress, it is necessary to help the puppy to relax. Avoiding certain situations or offering treats, such as when it goes to the vet, can help. That’s because various conditions can be stressful for him. It is necessary to identify which triggers make you shake. It’s not complicated to know why dogs shake; this is a habit. However, be aware of the frequency of this movement. If your dog does this frequently, seek professional help.

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