How Do You Build an Outdoor Dog Potty Area on Concrete?

There is nothing quite like the company of man’s best friend. However, it is impossible to deny that potty training can be difficult. This is especially true if you have limited space and time. It can be difficult to teach your dog how to poo and pee at the exact spot you want.

We are here to offer you a solution to your problems: an outdoor potty area on concrete!

Concrete, by itself, is not absorbent. This is why it is best used with grass that grows quickly, comes with deep roots, and suits the climate. Other options include artificial grass, sand, mulch, or gravel. While they are dog-friendly, they are more of a hassle to clean and can cost you more in the long run.

Why It Works

This is a great way to address your dog’s potty problems since it will stop the house from stinking up. It also makes it much easier to clean your space. Lastly, it works even if you only have a small deck or apartment balcony to work with.

Read on to see how to construct your very own outdoor dog potty area on a concrete slab. While you can also build this inside the house using the same steps, it is more convenient to locate it outside to prevent accidents and foul odors indoors.

What You Need

You will have to drop by the landscaping or hardware store for materials and equipment unless you happen to already have everything on hand. Make sure to have the following before kickstarting your pet relief area project:

Cinder blocks

These will be used to demarcate the outdoor patio from the other parts of the property. Pick the color, weight, and shape that best appeals to you. Make sure that the concrete is high enough to accommodate the grass.

Weed inhibitor

This plastic lining will be placed over the concrete before you add the soil. Get enough to cover the entirety of the area and the grass bed.


Look for nutrient-rich soil on which you can plant grass for the potty area. Ideally, it should have high amounts of nitrogen, potash, and phosphorus.


Those with a grass lawn are lucky since they only have to dig enough for the whole area. If not, you can place an order with the local commercial garden or landscaping center.


This is going to be useful once you have laid out the sod. Do not worry, however, if you do not have one since a rolling pin will also do the trick.


While this part is optional, it can be very useful for training your dog. The key, after all, is to entice your pet into using the outdoor potty area. Your dog will find it easiest to aim at a fire hydrant, but even a rock might do.

How to Build It

It is time to build the potty area once you have procured all the items mentioned above.

1. Make the Perimeter

Your first task is to demarcate the potty from the other parts of the house. This involves laying down the blocks in the shape of the perimeter. A string will help ensure straight lines, although chalk and paint will also help with this.

We recommend adding a slope to drain the water. Otherwise, you will end up with pools that you will have to clean up. It is ideal if the area is already sloped, but you can also add several edges to elevate the level on a side.

2. Put the Weed Inhibitor

Next, it is time to make the barrier separating the grass and concrete. This is what the weed inhibitor is for. It is going to keep the dirt in and ward off any moisture.

Apply it over the area loosely to ensure that it can withstand the weight of your grass and fertilizer. After covering the whole area with the lining, use block tops to secure it and eliminate the excess.

3. Place the Soil

After laying down the lining, add the soil on top of it. Throw it in but leave a couple of inches at the top for your grass. This will ensure that the potty can contain everything.

Once you add the soil, get a hose pipe, watering can or any other tool you can use to introduce moisture here. You only need a little, so make sure not to soak the soil completely.

4. Lay Down the Sod

Piece by piece, roll down the sod on top of the soil. You need to pack everything tightly, although you should not pile them on top of each other either. By overlapping the grass, those at the top will fail to take root.

Upon laying down the sod, use a roller or a rolling pin to roll the whole thing out. In case you do not have either on hand, you can simply reply on body weight to do it for you. This will help the soil and sod marry to create your green space.

5. Water the Area

By this point, you can already congratulate yourself. The only thing left to do is to spray down the sod to give it some TLC. Your goal is to keep the soil moist. Keep doing this until the following week. It is also fine to stop once you are confident that the sod has already taken root.

Once satisfied, you should trim the grass, add the structure and take your pet to explore the potty area. Voila!

Video Guide

If you are a visual learner, here is an instruction video created by Oodle Life that will help:

Final Thoughts

It is not exactly easy to build an outdoor potty station, but the process is straightforward enough. You can say goodbye to having to wipe up pee and using deodorizing sprays. Your efforts will be rewarded with a cleaner house, happy pets, and even happier owners!


The main picture is from Gordito1869, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons.

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