How Do You Sew Dog Clothes

Winter is coming, and did you know that dogs feel cold? There are several ways to protect them from the coldest season of the year, such as leaving them indoors or in covered places, providing covers for them to cover themselves, but the best of all is to put clothes on the dogs, so wherever they are. They will be warm. Besides, it’s unanimous that a dog wearing clothes is the cutest and most stylish thing in the world. Whether wool, cotton, knitted, or sweatshirt, a dog outfit, in addition to making them super charming, helps to warm them up and keep them warm in winter.

There are several dog clothes brands and options with different models and fabrics, and it is possible to buy them in pet shops or on the internet. Prices vary by size, material, and model; some can be expensive. Therefore, a sustainable option is to sew your dog’s clothes at home, keep them warm, reuse clothes you are no longer wearing, and save some money. So, for you, who likes to dress up your best friend, how about learning to make dog clothes? You will be surprised at the ease and variety of clothes you can make at home!

How Do You Sew Dog Clothes?

A few things you should know before dressing your dog:

  1. Some synthetic fabrics can trigger allergies, so watch out for signs of redness and itchiness.
  2. Not all dogs like to wear clothes, and they may end up tearing them and ingesting some pieces. The first few times your dog wears an outfit, keep an eye on him to see what his behavior will be.
  3. Alguns cães ficam imóveis ao serem vestidos, outros podem ficar correndo ou tentando tirar a roupa. Se isso acontecer, não se desespere. Tente algumas vezes e faça com que o cão associe colocar a roupa com algo que ele goste, como carinho, passeios ou petiscos. Se não der certo, você pode tentar usar outros modelos e ver qual seu cão prefere usar. 
  4. Some dogs are motionless when dressed, and others may be running around or trying to get undressed. If that happens, don’t despair. Try a few times and get the dog to associate putting on clothes with something he enjoys, like petting, walking, or treats. If it doesn’t work, you can try using other models and see which one your dog prefers to use.
  5. Avoid washing clothes with fabric softeners and concentrated products. Dogs’ sense of smell is much more acute than ours. The odors of cleaning products can be too intense for their little nose. Also, some products can cause allergies. Choose neutral and odorless products.

How Do You Make A Dog Shirt From Scratch?

There are several ways to make dog clothes, including hand sewing, machine, or knitting, and it all depends on the materials and skill you have when making your pet’s clothes.


To learn how to make a dog outfit and keep your pet warm and stylish, you will need:

  • Fabrics of the desired color;
  • Sewing thread;
  • Measuring tape to measure the animal and the mold;
  • Scissors to cut the fabric;
  • Cardboard to make the mold;
  • Pen to mark the mold;
  • Sewing machine or needle.

What Fabric Is Used For Dog Clothes?

The first step is to choose a suitable fabric, prefer natural materials such as cotton and soft fabrics such as soft. If you have an old sweatshirt and want to reuse it, use this fabric to make dog clothes. A tip is to avoid very light fabrics because the dirt is more apparent. There are several prints, so it’s time for you to choose the coolest one to make your dog look stylish. Avoid adding items like zippers and buttons and embellishments like beads, stones, and ornaments, you may enjoy using them, but they can hurt your dog, not to mention it’s one more thing they can ingest if dropped on the floor.

To buy the fabric is essential to know the measurements of the animal so that there is no shortage of material at the sewing time. You will need to measure the circumference of the neck, chest, paws, and the length from the neck to the beginning of the tail.

After choosing the fabric, you must draw a pattern, and it can be on a sheet or cardboard the size you want the clothes, put the material on top, and cut. Some patterns already exist on the internet; if your dog already has some clothes, you can use them as a pattern. Either way, keeping the garment’s design in mind before cutting the fabric is essential.

After making the pattern, the next step in the process of making dog clothes is that you need to cut the fabric and sew it together. Before, baste the outfit and check that it is not too tight or loose on your pet, as it will bother you, buddy.

After putting the outfit on your best friend, make sure he’s comfortable and ready! You learned how to make dog clothes, and you will make your pet beautiful with this piece made especially for him, which will still be warm for walking and having fun with you. Make several models of clothes for your dog and always keep him warm.

How Do You Make A Simple Dog Shirt?

If you have an old sweatshirt or t-shirt at home, you can use it to make a t-shirt for your dog in a simple way.

  • Old t-shirt or sweatshirt
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  1. Take the shirt and place it on your dog, with the front paws in the sleeve holes.
  2. With the pen, mark the lumbar length you want. Tip, leave at least three fingers of the distance between the end of the clothing and the dog’s tail. When cutting, make a U-shaped cut for a better finish.
  3. Still, with the pen, mark the correct size of the chest. If your dog is male, the shirt should be tighter to prevent the dog from urinating on it. For the paws, mark the sleeve height you want.
  4. Take off the dog’s shirt and cut the fabric markings.
  5. If the shirt is too loose or has a lot of fabric left over, you can sew it to make it fit tighter on the dog.

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