How Do You Stack A Dog

In dog shows, dogs are judged on their beauty, posture, presentation, performance, and hygienic and health conditions. The judge has little time to evaluate more than 30 items contained in the Official Breed Standard in judgment so that the evaluation of all requirements is done in a short time the dogs are positioned in the “Stay” position.

What Does It Mean To Stack A Dog?

The “stay” position is used in dog shows so that the judge can quickly assess the dog as a whole, noting the lines that form the dog’s outline and comparing dimensions and proportions that are important for the breed. In this position, the type of bite, number of teeth, palpation of testicles in males, and the quality of the dog’s general health and coat are also evaluated.

What Is The Proper Way To Stack Dogs?

There are two types of “Stay” positions, manual and free. In general, in the manual, the owner puts the dog in place, adjusting the dog’s paws and head, while in the free one, the dog naturally finds the position without the owner putting his hand. There is no correct way, but the ideal way that you train your dog and both are used to it.

How Do I Free Stack My Dog?

First, you should organize a training routine with your dog. If you have questions about dog and group training, go to the article “Ideas for group dog training classes.”

Doing it manually, using a clicker, is not recommended, as it can cause discomfort to the dog by pressing it too close to the ears. Treats can be used to reinforce the command. Place the dog so that it is in front of you, on the right side, with the treat in your hand, allowing the dog to nibble and chew small pieces. At the same time, you position it in “Stay,” straightening its front and back legs. Confirm the command by giving it one more treat and wait a moment to redo the training when it is in the correct position. Attention, never reposition the dog’s front and rear legs by grabbing it by the paws, as this can make it move. When you have fixed this command well, proceed to the next one, in which you must teach him to stay in the position, for that put him in the position and say “stay.” If he remains in the “Stay” position, provide the reward.

To train the dog without having to handle it, it is recommended to use the clicker together with snacks. To start the training, see if your dog is standing. If it is, press the clicker, provide treatment and get out of the way so that it walks in towards you and comes to a standing position again. Continue the training until the dog easily stands up on command of the clicker. The next step will be to teach some commands to teach you to reposition the front and hind legs. You can choose a word that facilitates the training to teach your dog to move the hind legs and walk. With any movement that goes back, trigger the clicker, provide the reward, and continue training until it quickly understands the command. Adjusting the front paws is basically the same, but you will change the base and move away from the dog.

What Does A Stacking Box Do For Dogs?

The stacking box is nothing more than a training box that trains the dog to stay in the correct position, to be evaluated by the judge of the cynophilia events. A stacking box will help your dog remember where its feet should go through muscle memory. Despite being widely used by dog breeders, it is not easy to find them in stores. Check out the materials needed to make a stacking box for a medium-sized dog.

Tools And Supplies:

  • Saw
  • Drill
  • Measuring tape
  • Wood (4 + 2)
  • Wood screws
  • Velcro
  • Sanding block
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler

Building a stacking box is not a complicated task. In short, you will assemble a rectangle with two boards distributed according to the dog’s size to position it correctly. If it moves, your dog will not only have a hard time standing in place but could also be frightened and not want to continue training. Remember to measure your dog before cutting the woods, measure the length of the box, measure the distance between the hind and front paws, and to know the correct width measurement, measure the distance between the feet. Also, remember to add a few inches to be safe—crate for dogs of different sizes and ages.

Step By Step:

  1. Cut the wood to the correct measure, 2 for the length, 2 for the width, and 2 for the part where the dog stands
  2. use the Sanding block to make the wood even
  3. Join the four wooden slats of the base and glue with glue
  4. With a drill, secure the four parts with Wood screws to ensure stability
  5. glue the velcro along the entire length of the box
  6. On the two pieces of wood used for the footboard, glue velcro on the two ends supported on the box.
  7. Position the front footboard
  8. Once the front footboard is in place, you can secure the back footboard to the back of the box in the same way. How far back it sits depends on where you want your dog’s feet to be when standing in the proper position.

What Is A Dog Show

A dog show also referred to as a conformation test or conformation show, is a kind of competitive canine parade. Judges familiar with a particular breed of dog rare purebred individuals for how well they conform to the description in the official standard of the respective breed in terms of morphology.

What Is Confirmation Show For?

Such shows are helpful for breeders to evaluate dogs for breeding purposes. A conformation championship promoted by a recognized national kennel club is generally considered for the award as it indicates that the dog has been chosen as a superior exemplar of its breed by some judges on a few separate occasions. Many breeders still consider the championship a prerequisite for breeding.

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