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How To Stop Cat from Playing In Litter Box

This article discusses the behavior of cats who jump in the litter box. Jumping in the litter box is a common problem for cats, but it can also be a sign of psychological or physical stress. If you're noticing your cat jumping in the litter box, you should be able to figure out what's going on and take action to fix it.
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The Best Ways to Hide the Litter Box

This article defines the best methods you can use to hide your cat's litter box. Several options are available for concealing a litter box, regardless of your level of experience or financial ability to purchase new litter box furnishings.
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Where Should You Not Put a Litter Box

This article discusses the importance of where you not put a litter box and how cats know where the litter box is. One of the most desirable places to put a litter box is in an environment where the cat can see outside.