What Can I Give My Dog To Stop Burning My Grass?

Vegetation, especially grasses, suffers a lot from the action of urine; this happens due to the urea present in the urine, which, in high concentrations, burns the plants, leaving a yellowish color.

Some products sold in pet stores or on the internet are intended to reduce the ammonia content in dog urine. These are products added to the dog’s drinking fountain that capture nitrates and nitrites from the water, making it more purified and leaving the urine with less nitrogen and, consequently, urea. These products are completely safe for dogs, non-toxic, and do not cause harm.

What Can I Feed My Dog To Neutralize Urine?

To neutralize the urine of dogs is very simple, encourage the dog to drink more water. This way, the urine will not be so concentrated. This task can be complicated, as some dogs drink very little water during the day. You can follow some tips to encourage your pet to start drinking more water.

  • Provide warm water with the food: in addition to making the dry food more palatable, dogs start to ingest more water. They love it.
  • On hot days, provide homemade fruit popsicles. You can chop some fruit and put it in ice cube trays with water. Remember to check which fruits are allowed, and they won’t harm your furry fellow.
  • Always keep the water clean and fresh.
  • Provide wet and dry food: this strategy is called mix feeding, and you can ask a professional dog and cat nutrition specialist to balance these two foods correctly.
Importance Of The Water

Water is an essential nutrient that assists in the body’s functioning and regulates body temperature, and low water intake can cause digestive and kidney problems. The amount ingested varies according to the stage of life, the type of food consumed, frequency of physical activities, medication use, and ambient temperature.

Foods with little moisture, such as dry food, lead to increased water intake, as there is little water available in the food. Dogs tend to drink more water if their leading dry food. On the other hand, wet foods and natural food have about 70 – 80% of water, and dogs can supply more water needs only with water from food, ingesting less water.

You should leave the water always at ease, clean and fresh. Watch out for changes in water intake behavior. If you notice that your dog is drinking a lot of water and urinating more than usual, take him to the vet; it could be a sign of diabetes or chronic kidney disease. Some dogs ingest little water, and this can be a problem. To stimulate hydration, you should always provide fresh and clean water. In hot seasons, you can give homemade snacks such as fruit popsicles, but remember to check which fruits are allowed and can be ingested by dogs without causing problems.

How Do I Reduce Nitrogen In My Dog’s Urine?

The diet can contribute to the reduction of nitrogen levels in the urine. Usually the settings form more nitrates and nitrites, and the urine has a higher nitrogen content. Invest in food with a better quality dog. You can also choose to increase the water theorization and less the water content, in addition to increasing the water content and less the water content. Some supplements can also be added to the diet to reduce nitrogenous components, such as brewer’s yeast (Saccharomyces Cerevisiae). This fungus acts as a dog’s probiotic, promoting intestinal health and strengthening the immune system.

Respiratory problems are pervasive for owners of other health problems, in addition to a pervasive smell in the health of the environment and intense burning in the eyes and nose. These effects are related to the presence of ammonia in dog urine. So always stay tuned and try to keep the environment clean. Check out some tips on eliminating the smell of urine from the backyard.

  1. Separate cleaning material just for this use to prevent you from using the mop in other rooms, leaving everything smelling like urine! The best thing is to have unique cleaning stuff to clean the pee, keeping them washed right after use. That way, you prevent the mop from getting stinky too.
  2. Wash the yard regularly. It may seem silly, but it’s vital to clean the place where your dog urinates, even if it’s in an open environment with grass. If you have vegetation, it is even more essential that you water them when you see that your dog is urinating there. Because the water will dilute the urine, the side effects of the chemical compounds in the urine will be less harmful to the plants.
  3. If your dog pees inside the house or in a covered area, several products used in our daily lives are allies in combating the smell of urine. Check out these two:
    • Kitchen salt can be a great facilitator when removing the urine smell – To make the house smell good, you will need to wait for the pee to dry. After it dries, throw water on the place, throw the salt in place, scrub well with the broom, letting it act for 20 minutes, then rinse.
    • White vinegar is an excellent product to help get rid of the foul smell in the yard. The process is simple: you need to pour the liquid where your pet pee is and let the ingredient act for 20 to 30 minutes. Thus, you can enjoy a fragrant and odor-free environment. Vinegar is a great ingredient and can be added to the washing machine to eliminate the smell of dog rags and mop.
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