Ridgeback Dog Vs. Lion: Which Is More Powerful

Rhodesian Ridgebacks are reddish-colored dogs with a band of fur that grows in the opposite direction, forming a crest on the spine. These brees are of medium size, muscular, resistant, and agile. Capable of conquering anyone with their noble appearance and delicate temperament. They are calm dogs of easy socialization, as long as they are made as puppies.

Why Are Rhodesian Ridgebacks Called Lion Dogs?

The Rhodesian Ridgebacks result from crossing native semi-domesticated dogs with several breeds brought from Europe, such as the Great Dane, Mastiff, Greyhound, and Bloodhound. Due to the genetic traits of native dogs, they are resistant to local pests, such as the tsetse fly. They have the intuitive ability to navigate African environments and avoid lethal predators. The breed was developed to meet the Boer people’s need for hunting dogs capable of pulling the game out of hiding places, taking down larger prey, protecting farms and properties against thieves and wild animals, and being a companion for the whole family. In addition, a dog was needed that was resistant to the rigid African foliage, could withstand drastic changes in temperature (with a short coat to avoid ticks), and could survive in times of low water availability. In South Africa, Rhodesian Ridgebacks began to be used in lion hunting, where they followed and distracted the animals until the hunters had their rifles ready. Because of this, they received the reputation of dogs that hunt lions. In 1922, a group of breeders from Zimbabwe, formerly Rhodesia, established a standard for the breed that remains the same today.

Do Ridgeback Dogs Hunt Lions?

This breed was obtained by crossing dogs from Europe and semi-wild dogs called Khoikhoi. They would assist the hunters in ambushes, cornering the lions to be shot down by them. So yes, we can say that Ridgeback hunted lions!

Can A Rhodesian Ridgeback Defeat A Lion?

Let’s imagine a hypothetical situation where you have a Rhodesian Ridgeback dog and go on a safari with your furry companion. During the safari, there is a situation where you see a lion. However, the lion can also see you and goes to your attack. Your dog, in readiness, decides to fight to defend you. Who do you think would win the fight? Your dog that has never received specific training for this situation, or the lion, the most famous feline on the savannah, known as the king of the jungle?

Hardly a dog would be able to defeat a lion because it doesn’t have enough strength and resistance; besides, they don’t have the extinct wild outcrop anymore. Only hyenas can defeat a lion, and this is because they walk in packs and take advantage of young animals or older animals alone.

Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Characteristics

Temperament: They are affectionate, tolerant, intelligent, and protective dogs. Affectionate, they love to be with the family, get along well with other dogs, and are great with children, although, due to their size and strength, they can knock down small children. They deal well with cats if they live with them from a young age, but stray cats are seen as prey to be chased.

They tend to be shy and reserved with strangers; if not neutered, males can be aggressive toward other males. Socializing puppies is a significant step in ensuring that dogs do not become hostile toward strangers when they grow up.

Puppies are curious and messy, but they become calm, gentle, and quiet dogs when they reach adulthood. They rarely bark but are exceptions, only warning of something out of the ordinary. They love to run and play, making excellent walking companions and agility competitors.

The Rhodesian Ridgeback is independent and stubborn, so it will always test its limits. Therefore, it is vital that he is trained from the day the puppy arrives home and that the rules are always well-established and consistent.

Size and weight of the Rhodesian Ridgeback: They are considered large dogs, measuring approximately 60 to 68 cm and weighing 32 to 38 kg.

Life Expectancy: The life expectancy of the Rhodesian Ridgeback is 10 to 13 years.

Body: Rhodesian Ridgebacks have a strong, symmetrical, and balanced body. His general appearance is athletic, reaching high speeds when running. The neck is long, and the chest is not very broad but deep.

Which Dog Can Fight A Lion?

Of all the dog breeds, the only ones that could fight a lion are Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs, but only if they are trained for the situation. Check out other breeds famous for being hunting dogs.

  1. Labrador Retriever

    Their energy, intelligence, and unparalleled swimming ability make the Labrador Retriever one of the best and most recommended hunting dog breeds. Being active by nature, they love to impress you with their skill in looking for and picking up things when they are in the park. They used this ability when they once had to chase pigeons and snap up ducks. But perhaps even more impressive than their athletic prowess is the so-called “soft bite,” which was necessary to transport game prey without destroying it. With a bit of training, they will learn to control the strength of their jaws to hold delicate objects in their mouths without damaging them. You can see through videos how they can have eggs in their mouths without breaking the shell!

  2. Beagle

    The short-legged Beagle may not seem like a hunting hero, but if you get to know them a little better, you’ll discover how this brave hunting dog used to be considered the ideal companion for hunting rabbits, foxes, and even small deer. After all, they are hunting dogs with an excellent sense of smell.

    If you’d love to have a hunting dog with a determined spirit that wouldn’t say no to a hunting game, the Beagle is, without a doubt, the dog you’re looking for. Their peculiar barking makes them effective in security matters, and their very vocal nature will let you know where they are, and you won’t lose them while they are sniffing around.

  3. Pointer

    Pointers occupy a special place in the world of hunting dog breeds. Although their name is due to their body posture pointing to unknown prey, the dogs of this breed have much more to reveal to their families than their hunting skills. These dogs enjoy family life. They get along well with everyone, showing their friendly and affectionate nature to acquaintances and strangers.

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