Dog Immune System Vs. Human

First, we need to understand the immune system and how it works. The immune system works to protect the body against pathological agents and harmful substances. Briefly, it is a complex system with a set of elements formed by lymphocytes, better known as white cells, responsible for defense actions, antibodies, and immunoglobulins. Antibodies work by circulating through the bloodstream and the lymphatic system, through the lymphatic vessels where lymph, the liquid responsible for the body’s defense against bacteria and viruses, also acts as “cleaning” the blood through the drainage of harmful substances. And molecules that the body will not use. Humans and animals have this defense system.

Are Dog Immune Systems Similar To Humans?

In general, the immune system of dogs, like any other animal, is similar to that of humans. They have the exact mechanism of action constituted by organs, tissues, cells, and small molecules.

Is A Dog’s Immune System Stronger Than A Human’s?

Curiously, dogs get sick less often than humans, but does this have anything to do with the immune system? Do dogs have a stronger defense? And the answer isn’t as apparent as it seems. Dogs don’t have a stronger immune system, and It’s the opposite.

The immune system of dogs, like any other mammal, develops as the organism is exposed to antigens. The so-called immune barriers, comprised of skin, secretions, and immune system cells, become more resistant over time.

What can happen is that there are fewer known pathogens for dogs than for humans, and this ends up giving the impression that dogs have the strongest immune system. Also, dogs with weak immune systems would likely not reach adulthood as easily.

Another factor that must be taken into account is the way of life. While humans, in the modern world, live with clothes, shoes, and good hygienic customs, with little contact with the ground, dogs live directly in touch with the ground, with their snouts much closer to harmful pathogens. However, many are not harmful to dogs.          

Which Animal Has The Closest Immune System To Humans?

Pigs are the animals that have the most human-like immune system. For this reason, these species are an ideal animal model for human health and diseases because their anatomy and physiology are similar to humans and because the porcine genome is three times closer than the mouse genome to that of the human.

Which Animal Has The Strongest Immune System?

You sure know someone who is always sick, and despite going to the same places as you, that person is always ill when you are well. It happens because the strength of the immune system is a factor that depends on several reasons, such as genetics and food, being a characteristic of the individual and not of the species. For this reason, this question is complicated to answer.

How To Strengthen Your Dog’s Immune System

Immunity is linked to the resistance the body has to respond to the daily aggressions it suffers. When the immune system is balanced, the risks of contracting diseases are reduced, as the animal is less vulnerable. So, if you’ve noticed that your dog is down, seems tired more than usual, and hasn’t been eating well, pay attention and take it to the vet. Check out five tips to boost your pet’s immunity.

  1. Food Supplements

    Supplements are an additional source of vitamins, amino acids, and minerals consumed outside the usual diet. These nutrients, in addition to being essential for dogs’ health, have nutraceutical potential. That is, they provide benefits to the animals that consume them. You can find supplements and nutraceuticals in the form of powders, which you must mix with your diet, or in the form of soft chews, which you can provide throughout the day. There are several supplements and nutraceuticals on the market, supply you must follow the instructions on the package according to the weight and size of your dog. If in doubt, seek the guidance of a specialist in pet nutrition.

  2. Good Nutrition

    According to the World Association of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine (WSAVA), food is one of the five vital parameters and the main ally in longevity. Good food that guarantees adequate nutrition helps prevent several comorbidities and can also help treat diseases such as chronic kidney disease, diabetes, cancer, and obesity, among others. Nutrients ingested in the meals are essential for energy supply, immune process, quality of life, and well-being. Provide good food at least twice a day and establish a routine of feeding times. After the meals, always clean your dog’s bowls to avoid contamination by microorganisms and store the food in a suitable place according to the package instructions. Avoid overfeeding your dog, as it can cause overweight and obesity. Provide the food amount according to package instructions, or take it for a consultation with a professional dog and cat nutrition specialist.

  3. Practice Of Exercises

    Doing physical activities is a natural way to increase your dog’s immunity. Taking care of health in this way is suitable for humans and animals, as they can keep in good shape together, so be sure to go for walks or light runs with your dog. It will increase his physical condition, protecting his immunity and increasing his resistance in the fight against health problems.

  4. Vermifugation And Vaccination

    How is your pet’s vaccination card? Despite being fundamental, some owners only care about vaccinating and deworming their dogs when they are puppies. That’s a big mistake. Keep regular visits to the vet and check-ups of your animal up to date. These procedures guarantee the quality of life and fight allergies, infections, skin problems, and even severe diseases. Vaccination and deworming are vital to keeping your dog healthy.

  5. Environment

    External factors also influence the dog’s immunity. Humid, dirty, and dusty environments increase the chances of contracting diseases. Another point to consider is where the animal lives or remains most of the time. Socially unbalanced places can stress the animals. In addition, long trips or living in humid and poorly ventilated areas harm their health by decreasing their resistance. Therefore, it is essential also to take care of the emotional part of your pet. An environment with love can make you regain energy and make you happy, with conditions critical to the quality of life.

Try to keep an eye out for changes in your pet’s behavior and maintain a routine of regular visits to the vet. Don’t forget to consult a professional before testing unnatural ways to boost your dog’s immunity, such as using supplements and nutraceuticals.

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